Hi, I'm Hamza Bennani...

... a life enthusiast who permanently seeks to satisfy the people who cross my path. Life has allowed me to have a highly enriching and formative journey on human needs as well as on the notion of comfort and happiness.

Since my youngest age, I used to buy a disposable camera (with film) for each of my trips and my ultimate pleasure was when I was going to have the photos developed to finally see the result.

Thanks to the real estate business, marketing, and interior design in which I have worked in the past, I was able to enhance my listening while discovering in myself a sensitivity and empathy that allowed me to carry out several projects adapted to users by stimulating four of the five senses of the human being. In all my projects, I like when it's beautiful, when it smells good, also when it is pleasant to the touch, and that there is appropriate music.

For the purpose of personal and professional development, a few years ago, I hired a certified NLP coach who helped me determine my profile using the Canadian Nova Profil method.

It turns out that I am a sociable person, dreamer, manual and creative. My favorite fields are related to art: Comedy, DIY, Colors, Lighting, Decoration… and PHOTOGRAPHY!

That's when I realized it was my vocation!

Without wasting time, I enrolled in a training course for photographers and gifted myself my first professional camera which allowed me to see the potential, the power and precision of a real camera with a high-performance lens all under the right light.

When I hold my camera in my hand, I don't feel like I'm working... I think that's happiness, especially when the people in front of my lens thank me warmly for the experience they had during our photo shoots.

Arriving in Canada with my loving wife and our two beautiful boys, I decided to combine all my past experience to offer my clients memorable moments suspended in time and which will cross several generations.

After thousands of photos taken and happy customers, I realized the importance of eternal images that allow to immortalize events that will never happen again, neither in the same way, nor with the same people.

With the new possibilities of printing photos, my dream would be to allow you to hang personal images on your walls that evoke beautiful, unique and moving feelings.

1,2 & 3 bE Ha P & surround yourself with those you love, CARPEDIEM…